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Tooth-colored dental fillings 89113 are an excellent alternative option to traditional metal fillings. The results provide a minimally invasive repair with results that appear and feel like a natural tooth. Composite dental fillings are color-matched to the color of the surrounding teeth, providing them with restorative appearances together with enhanced function. Each of these dental fillings is smaller than a metal filling, because the small particles are able to directly stick to the tooth enamel for improved end results.

Glass ionomers enable tooth colored dental fillings to revive the teeth while also slowly and gradually releasing fluoride to strengthen the enamel. Ionomer fillings are employed in areas nearest to the gum lines due to their capability to reduce pressure-induced trauma.

A combination of filling materials allows porcelain dental fillings to be a solution too. Porcelain is typically put to use for much more comprehensive corrections like crowns, inlays, onlays and cosmetic veneers. They can hold up against far more pressure than ionomers, but are still at risk of excessive wear and grinding.

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